Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 feeds on battery in sleep mode; no patch until New Year

Surface Pro 4, Microsoft's latest two-in-one hybrid tablet, has run into muddy waters just a couple of months after its spectacular launch. A number of users across the world are now complaining that Surface Pro 4 batteries lose their juice even when their tablets are kept in sleep mode, thus ruining their plans of working outdoor for long hours.

If you've already bought Surface Pro 4 or have included it in your Christmas wish list, you should know that a patch for the just-discovered battery problem will not be available until the turn of the year.

This is so far the only major issue with an otherwise splendid device that is an upgrade over the very popular Surface Pro 3 hybrid tablet. Surface Pro 4 weighs 766g, features a 12.3-inch display with an amazing 2736 x 1824p resolution, a thin and polished body with a strong Magnesium casing, 6th-gen Intel i5 and i7 processors, 8MP and 5MP cameras, up to 512GB of storage, 16GB of RAM and a Surface Pen with 1024 levels of sensitivity.

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According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 4 battery can support up to 9 hours of video playback and several more hours of browsing or working on Microsoft Office files. However, an existing user claims that the battery charge in his Surface Pro 4 went down from 100% to 72% in just three hours when the tablet was kept in sleep mode!

"I can't use it for work if it's going to die on me in my bag or on my desk throughout the day with minimal use... I still have about 15 more days to decide if I'm going to keep it," he added.

Thankfully, Microsoft is aware of the problem and a patch is in the works. A Microsoft rep named Joe appeared in the company's online forum recently to talk about the fussy battery.

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"The 'standby' battery life is an issue we are working on and have been working on.  We can put the processor into a deeper sleep state than it is currently set to.  We couldn't do it at RTM for a variety of reasons, power management is a very hard computer science problem to solve especially with new silicon.  Currently it is not in the deepest "sleep" that it can be so there are wake events that would not otherwise wake it.  We will have an update for this issue sometime soon in the New Year.

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One of the ways that you can improve the situation right away is to make sure you don't have web sites open that are actively streaming when you close cover of go put the device to sleep.  Especially if you have a website open that uses sound. This will keep the PLM service running," he said.

While we don't know if the ones who are complaining let streaming websites on when their tablets were put to sleep, we're sure taking care of running programmes before you put your device to sleep will always help the battery.

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However, the problem does not seem limited to open websites alone, for had this been the case, there would have been no reason to develop a patch. While Microsoft has confirmed that the patch won't be available this year, we hope they won't wait too long to release it.

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