Your decade old phone is still the best bet for catching network signal

Old handsets fare far better than modern smartphones in terms of picking up a weak signal a newer ones need signals ten times as fast just to register them

Do you still have one of those old Nokia 5110 handsets tucked inside your old drawer, one that's still there either because it brings back some great memories or that you just didn't get a good price for it or you are just sentimental? If you do, it can still be of some real use.

Ofcom conducted a study recently on how modern smartphones performed compared to old handsets when it came to catching network signal. The results were startling.

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Despite the amazing capabilities of modern smartphones, they fall far behind your decade-old pre-iPhone handsets in terms of catching network signal. The study concluded than a your new smartphone will need a signal ten times more powerful to register it compared to your 2005 handset.

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Ofcom further said that new smartphones fare badly as their 'premium', sleek and fabulous looks marr their ability to do what they were traditionally designed to do- make and recieve phone calls. The metal and glass casing, that most smartphones these days are sheathed in, obstruct network signals and even cut off calls. Comparatively, the plastic bodies of old handsets never interfered with the signal.

The study also noted that while using a 2G network, smartphones need seven times stronger signal to operate as compared to usual handsets.

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"We tested a very small number of mobile phones, not for ranking but to understand how handsets performed in different situations," said Ofcom. The regulator, however, refused to confirm which modern smartphones and old handsets were chosen for the comparative testing.

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If we think about it, our old handsets also came with several advantages that we no longer enjoy. All the batteries used to be easily replaceable and maintenance of hardware used to cost next to nothing.

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Add to the list those amazing games and puzzles that we could play on and on for hours without worrying about our phones overheating in the process.

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Need we mention, our little old handsets were also far far better when it came to battery life. I wish I still had one of those.

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    Guest5th Dec 2015

    Newer phones are just tracking devices that occasionally let you make calls and look at websites. Stick with the Brick @;-P

  2. Guest
    Guest4th Dec 2015

    The phrase "newer ones need signals ten times as fast" is really misleading. Signal strength has nothing to do with speed. But, yes, even in the early...

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