No more cheap as chips, Nokia's Ozo costs £40,000!

Nokia's Ozo VR camera has eight shutter sensors and eight microphones for those who love making 3D films, and now it carries a massive price tag too.

Obviously this is a massive throw of dice for Nokia and they have their fingers crossed that the likes of HTC, Google, Facebook and their ilk help cast the net for VR technology far and wide and make people thirst for a more immersive experience as far as gaming, media consumption as well as the defence industry is concerned.

Paul Melin, Nokia's VP of Digital Media, believes that Ozo will be worth its weight in gold for film makers, helping with wireless filming, 360 degree audio capture as well as live broadcasts. Costing as much as £40,000, it will help users view 360 degree 3D imagery in real time without prior preparation.

Melin further added that the VR camera wasn't just an accident but was a result of Nokia's intention of investing in the sector. Funding and research on the project began even before Facebook bought Oculus and it may turn out to be Nokia's hen that lays golden eggs in the coming years.

"It was definitely not an accident we chose to invest in VR. But it was not the result of some insight, strategy investment. A couple of years ago, a handful of engineers came up with an idea and wanted to test the idea. We didn't originally plan to make a professional product. It was simply to make a VR camera.

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During our mobile phone days, we had a very wide array of technologies that we were researching on video coding, audio quality, multimedia experiences, better cameras, user scenarios - everything that you could experience with a mobile phone. So in that way, it was not an accident that this idea came and we wanted to invest in it," he said.

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While Nokia is waiting out its separation period from the mobile ohone industry, investing in parallel technologies like OZO will ensure the company stays competitive and in the know for a long time to come.

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