Your next iPhone may not feature a headphone jack

Close on the heels of rumours that Apple is doing away with headphone jacks for its next devices, turns out that Intel are to bake in their feted 7360 LTE modem chip into the iPhone 7 alongside Qualcomm's chip.

Intel missed the smartphone party with their misplaced trust in the desktop industry and are now trying their best to catch-up with this deal which is still at rumour stage, with Apple reported Venturebeat.

There are applarently 1000 Intel employees burning the midnight oil making these chips for Apple, in a move that shows they clearly think it is make or break time for them.

Apple iPhone 7 to have no headphone jacks 

Apple is doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack and will offer new Lightening connectors for listening to music or making hands-free conversations, says a Japanese blog called Macotakara while citing some sources close to Apple.

Even though iPhone 6s is the thinnest iPhone ever, Apple still thinks it’s rather fat. The latest rumours suggest that by removing the 3.5mm jack, Apple will be able to reduce the thickness of the next iPhone by 'more than 1mm,' with screen shape and radius remaining the same.

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The 3.5mm headphone jack is the most universal feature among smartphones, tablets, laptops or even PCs. While hundreds of firms around the world design their own headsets, the jack remains constant. But for some curious reason, Apple isn't happy with it. 9to5Mac says that "Apple introduced Lightning headphone specs last year, though very few actual Lightning headphones have been shown or shipped."

The alternative is that Apple will make the Lightening connector compatible with its headphones. The headphones of the future that will be compatible with iPhone 7 will need to "include either Lightening cables or 3.5mm to Lightening adapters with their headphones. Bluetooth headphone makers will have no such issues," adds 9to5Mac.

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However, this brings the audio port in conflict with the battery power cable. Since the Lightening port will serve both audio and charging functions, it is believed that Apple may introduce a wireless charging feature in iPhone 7 which will let you charge it while you listen to music or converse with someone.

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