Apple trains eyes on OLED displays post-iPhone 7; LG races to ramp up capacity

It has just taken some polite enquiries from Apple about OLED displays to go on iPhones starting 2018 for Korean manufacturers to fall over themselves to shore up their mass producing capacities with LG leading the pack and announcing they are investing $8.7 billion in a facility to solely produce OLED displays.

According to a report in Nikkei, Apple are looking very seriously at using OLED displays in iPhones from 2018 onwards which is sending Samsung and LG into a frenzy of perfecting the R&D that goes into the displays to eliminate obvious issues with this type of display, primarily to do with it dulling over time.

There are about 200 million phones that are shipped every year by Apple globally and unless a company has the capability to mass-produce the displays, they will not be able to claim a share in the pie.

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Samsung are obviously not very behind LG and are currently the only company with the facility to mass produce OLED but it is LG who are known for their OLED Televisions.

OLEDs have some really amazing advantages in terms of phone displays like brighter vivid colors and rich and deeper blacks. The drawbacks are that this type of display dims over time and deteriorates. The first time OLED was used in a phone's display was back in 2010 when Samsung used it on its superstar Galaxy range of phones. Its phones have since grown in stature with the display being proclaimed as the best in the industry. 

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Apple has been a traditionalist until now, using LCD displays on its phones since the advent of its first iphone in 2007. LCD displays have been in use since 1990 and have a degree of malleability to them so can be curved and rounded on the edges to give displays the wow factor that is increasingly required to stand out in a crowded market.

Back to LG, its new facility will not just make smartphone displays but also for those on its TVs, smartwatches and automotive devices in effect ushering in a new era of thinner devices with better battery power and vivid media playback.

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