Windows 10 & Android M versions of Nokia C1 smartphones on the cards, say leaks

Nokia's C1 smartphone re-emerged today after a long lull through a new image render. The phone has been dubbed to carry a 5-inch Full HD display, 8MP and 5MP cameras, an Intel processor, 2GB RAM and will come in both Android Marshmallow and Windows 10 Mobile variants.

Also revealed through the leaked image are the colours that Nokia C1 will come in. The four rear-view images show White, Gold, Pink, and Grey colours but we aren't sure if the phone will come in any other colours apart from these four.

If Nokia has indeed completed designing and manufacturing the C1, there are chances that Nokia may sell its license to the phone to a third party manufacturer or may wait till Q4 of 2016 to release it in its own name.

Nokia keeping fingers crossed for ticket to smartphone party

When Nokia sold off its Lumia line of smartphones to Microsoft, it agreed not to manufacture any mobile phones until Q4 of 2016. To remain active in the space, Nokia designs the hardware and then sells the license out instead of manufacturing the phones itself. Having been effectively implemented for the N1 tablet, the strategy will continue to be implemented for mobile phones and tablets until the agreement with Microsoft runs out.

While Nokia has experimented with the Windows platform before, C1 will, arguably, be the first Nokia phone to run the Android operating system, if the rumours are true.

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    Guest10th Jan 2016

    If Nokia had used Android in first place it would still exist!

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