Step away from those Facebook quizzes NOW!

Facebook quizzes are usually so much fun and help you kill so much boredom, do you sometimes feel that the social media platform knows more about you than you do yourself! And when you once start doing those quizzes, it is almost like you cannot stop... Well, you need to stop now.

UK based Comparitech recently published an article on their blog about how such apps are slowly walking in on your privacy, taking notes, and pictures without you even noticing. The firm picked out an app called which runs quizzes on Facebook and recently went viral with over 16 million shares.

Apps like usually take permissions from users to scan their posts and also on a number of terms and conditions which nobody ever reads. Alarmingly, the list of details which can access include your name, profile picture, age, sex, birthday, and other public info, your friend list, all your posts, all your photos and the ones you're tagged in, hometown, current city, IP address, info about your device and your education history. Wow, even NSA would be jealous of such a database!

Sadly, that's not all that such apps can do. As per its terms and conditions, Vonvon can store all the data, you just gave it access to, for the priviledge of taking one quiz which tells you what your favourite word is,   anywhere in the world without any regard to privacy laws and can even sell your data to third parties and yet not be liable for anything. 

A few lines of Vonvon's terms and conditions go like this:

[…] We do not share your Personal Information with third parties unless We have received your permission to do so, or given you notice thereof (such as by telling you about it in this Privacy Policy) […]

[…] this Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of entities Vonvon does not own or control, or to individuals whom Vonvon does not employ or manage, including any third parties to whom Vonvon may disclose Personal Information […]

Horrified? Well, we surely were when we came to know about this. If you love doing quizzes, buy a quiz book or just turn to your best friend to tell you all you need to know about yourself!

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