EE confirms it might bring in mobile ad blocking services soon

EE might become the next messiah after Apple to those who detest troublesome adverts on mobile phones. CEO Olaf Swantee has now confirmed that the operator might offer ad blocking services in its network very soon.

Even though mobile ads are quite lucrative, they are a major source of frustration of users who find their usage inhibited by persistent advertisements. Apple introduced some ad blocking features with the latest iOS 9 operating system and EE is now following suit. The move by Apple led to a surge of ad-blocking apps entering the iOS fray.

Disgusted with ads on your smartphone? Apple will sort it for you

It is being said that one such app, named Crystal, can not only block ads but can also increase the speed at which websites load by as much as four times, thus saving both time as well as cellular data consumption. Usually, only those ads are blocked which are considered intrusive and which do not let users read articles or watch videos by covering the entire display.

EE has a similar line of thinking. CEO Olaf Swantee says that not all ads are bad and they want to block ads that are "intrusive or crass" which can "drive people insane."

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  1. Guest
    Guest11th Jun 2016

    I'm up for that. I hate reading a page, when suddenly I get an ad jump in the middle. Sometimes I can't closer the ad, so I simply color the page down...

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