Dominos Pizza button makes pizzas a push-button away

How many times have you been watching telly and thought to yourself: 'God, I could kill for a pizza right now?' I can say I have, several times, almost once every evening. And then guilt would wash over me as I would dial-in and then wait for the delivery guy to turn up.

Dominos have just come to the rescue of pizza lovers like me and countless others around the country with the introduction of a dedicated Bluetooth button that you only need press once for klaxons to go off at your nearest Dominos outlet informing them of your urgent requirements.

The physical button which sits in a bespoke Dominos box is powered via Bluetooth and is linked to the Dominos app. To use it, download the app, register your favourite pizza type and whenever you feel peckish, push the button and voila!

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Are the words 'Take my money already' zooming around your brain now? Well, tough. Pizza lovers will not be able to buy the button but can win one via a social media campaign that kicks off next month.

So there is hope yet if you have already bought a tiny cocktail dress and are currently on a diet of water and three almonds a day.

However, the instant order button on the Dominos app goes live today and you can register for it here.

Am off to get myself a pizza for tea, are you?

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