Use Apple Pay? Get free London Underground travel with MasterCard Mondays

If you are skint but use Apple Pay, here's music for your ears. For the next four mondays, including today, all Apple Pay users get FREE travel in London upto £27.90.

Mastercard will let you travel for free across London using any mode of transport that you prefer including  Tube, trains, buses and the DLR with their compliments as long as you touch-in and out using Apple Pay on your Apple device.

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So, as long as you have either an Apple Watch or an Apple smartphone and have a Mastercard account connected to your phone, you get to travel for free all over London where you would have otherwise used an Oyster Card.

Contactless payment is quite a rage in the capital anyway with most restaurants, cafes and supermarkets accepting 'tap and pay' for upto £20, forgoing the till completely and Mastercard are wanting to get more people onboard the contactless wagon with this initiative.

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“Now that Apple Pay has arrived we want to encourage travellers on London’s transport network to try it out and give them another convenient option to pay for their travel. What better way to do this, than to offer MasterCard customers using Apple Pay the chance to travel for free over the next four consecutive Mondays,” said MasterCard's UK and Ireland president Mark Barnett.

Even though it is a tiny bit slower to touch in or out while paying using your mobile phone, it is a welcome respite with the cold weather closing in, to just have the phone handy instead of your oyster as well!


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