YouTube Kids app launches in UK, Ireland: Top five features

YouTube has launched its popular Kids app in the UK, thus bringing in a large collection of children-friendly videos and channels.

Here are the top five features of YouTube's new app which make it ideal for your data-hungry child.

Lots of local channels

The new app will emphasize tonnes of local kids channels like Teletubbies, Morph and Grommit. This means that your child will be able to view videos of familiar toon characters once you download the app for him/her.

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Content protection

The app does not have features like ability to upload videos or comments which means your child will be restricted to watching videos only. You can also rest assured that your child will not chance upon any adult content while searching for new videos as YouTube has blocked certain words which may open mature content.

A new built-in timer also ensures that your child will not get to use the app for too long and you will be able to set the timer depending how long you want your child to use it.

Screened adverts

Like all video-streaming sites, YouTube also earns its bread through advertisements. In the Kids app, YouTube will run advertisements between shows which are screened and reviewed by it. Thus, any advertisements that your child may view will neither contain any adult content nor will they be based on food or beverages.

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Content flagging

The app will let you flag any content that you may consider inappropriate or too mature for your child to view. While this doesn't mean that YouTube doesn't screen such content itself, it has added the feature as a precautionary measure.


YouTube has not denied the fact that it monitors content being watched by individual users. The company says that it does so to recommend and suggest more videos that are similar to the ones individual users watch. So if your child likes watching videos belonging to a certain genre, you will be able to let him/her watch more videos of the same kind on the YouTube app without having to search for them yourself.

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YouTube's children-specific channels have become huge hits over the years. Last month, channels like Little Baby Bum and Wheels on the Bus clocked more views than highly popular channels like One Direction and Psy's Gangnam Style.

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