RIP Tesco Hudl; creator shown the door!

Tesco's popular Hudl tablet range is the latest victim of the retailer's widely reported accounting scandal that took place earlier this year.

Hudl tablet was the brainchild of former CEO Phil Clarke who has now been replaced by Dave Lewis who, apart from launching a full investigation into the accounting scandal, is also shutting down or selling off non-essential businesses in an attempt to restructure the company's finances.

MCCA 2015: Tesco Hudl 2 wins Best Value Tablet

“We have sold out of Hudl 2 tablets and will no longer be selling it. We have no current plans to release a Hudl 3,” said a Tesco spokesperson.

The first Hudl tablet was extremely popular, with 500,000 units sold in less than six months. Tesco also sold 750,000 units of Huld 2 as well, the last of which were sold out last month.

Tesco Hudl 2 hands-on: Cheap and very cheerful

The popularity of Hudl 2 was based on its family-friendly design, a big Full HD screen, intuitive software and powerful components at a reasonable price of just £129. The tablet also came in bright colours and its child-friendly privacy settings received rave reviews. The tablet won the 'Best Value Tablet' award at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards held this year.

The demise of the Hudl series will come as a boost for Amazon's Fire HD tablets which are designed particularly for use by children.

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