Misfit Shine 2: Shine on…

Misfit Shine 2 wearable is thinner, wider, smarter and keener than its previous version. We gave it a go to see how it held up to our scatty and hectic lifestyle.

Set up on the thin, small and flat pebble-smooth device was super-fast and super smooth. Download the Misfit app, choose your device, switch on Bluetooth and off you go.

When it is time for you to put it on your person, the way you wear the Shine 2 is, somehow the best and the worst thing about it. It is fantastic that there are about a dozen different ways you can wear it, with a clip and a band supplied in the box. The bad thing is, the circular device has an irritating habit of trying to pop out of the band, I was extra careful and still it popped out twice, lying on the floor blinking at me.

Misfit Shine 2: All the features of a smartwatch in an £80 tracker

It also tells the time in a very futuristic way, green light blinks to tell you the hour, the blue to tell you  the minutes. Tap the Shine once and it tells you how well you’ve done activity wise, tap it twice for the time. It has a dozen LEDs on, one colour for each of the different actions it performs and a light tap is enough for them to light up, thanks to the capacitative touch sensor.
Unbelievably thin at just 8mm, Shine 2 is water resistant up to 50m so I have not been taking it off during showers and made from aircraft-grade aluminium and glass-reinforced polycarbonate so scratches, scruffs and bumps are a thing of the past. Mine vibrates to announce incoming calls and texts. It stays unobtrusively on the wrist and I am quite fond of its no-screen look.

My biggest bugbear with wearable devices is charging and that’s where the Shine 2 scores extra brownie points- the replaceable coin cell battery lasts for 6 months, like its predecessor, the original Shine.

Vector Watch: Shine like a diamond

I really like the Shine 2, it is small, unobtrusive and the app on my iPhone syncs in under 30 seconds to tell me how well I slept at night and how many steps I did that day. The thing I don't like is that I am worried, a lot, that I will lose it on the Underground or in an autumnal drift of leaves. If it had cost £20, I would not mourn its loss quite as much as I would now that it costs £80!

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