Orbitsound A70 airSOUND: Room full of sound

Orbitsound A70 airSOUND is a small sound system that delivers well in terms of range, depth and sheer volume.

The box got delivered home and I eyed it with a sense of worry. My experience with another ‘connected home’ type surround sound system had not gone as planned earlier. My biggest beef with any speaker or sound system bigger than my palm, is the millions of hours I usually have to spend setting it up.

No such problem with the A70 airSOUND though, the subwoofer and the speaker are factory paired so all you have to do is connect them to power to go.

And did I say the speaker is very stylish too? The system will not look out of place discreetly sat alongside your TV or wall-hung, there are clear instructions for doing this too.

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The two-part system has a subwoofer that can be tucked away out of sight and the soundbar can be displayed on a mantle or atop a shelf to pump out a belly full of sound. The front of the bar has a touchscreen surface and even though I wasn't sure how much of a force touch it would require, it turned out to be the same as the amount of pressure you’d use on a phone.
The overall sound quality is very good and once you pair it with your phone or tablet, you can control the range either via the phone or the remote control. There is a very interesting ‘LRN’ button on the remote that will learn you TV remote so you don't have to add another one to your growing collection of them.

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The 300W output is rich without being overtly bass-y even though it is quite strong, helped further by the sub-woofer. Clarity of sound in the mid-level is good too and you can manually adjust bass and treble quite easily to suit you listening style.

The system costs £500 and I have tested ones that are more expensive than this. At this end of the market, the quality of speakers is not judged based just on the way it sounds but also on how well it blends into your lifestyle and that it does perfectly.

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I have a surround sound system at home with seven speakers, an amplifier and a subwoofer and I will not be replacing it with the A70, but what I will be doing is, firing these up during parties or even when I just want to sing along to, because they deliver what is needed- great quality music, at the touch of a button with the flexibility of playing them from anywhere in the house for it to reverberate through. And I love them for doing so.

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