Tired of your network? Heard of Anywhere SIM, Freedom Pop, BT Mobile or Rok Mobile?

Running a mobile network isn't just the playfield of the big four. A number of newer players have stepped on the gas this season, offering attractive SIM-only deals and buckets that you would love to sign up for.

Tired of EE, Three, Vodafone and O2? Well, all's not lost yet. We have rounded up five of the newest players in the market Here's a short look at the best five alternate network providers this season who've dared to take on the big four in terms of minutes, texts and data offerings. 

Anywhere Sim

Anywhere Sim is a virtual mobile network operator that offers the best possible reception anywhere in the UK. The company has tied up with the likes of Vodafone, EE and O2 to offer the best available network to you no matter where you are, including EU as well as the remotest villages.

We bet you won't get such an experience if you signed up with any of the big four. To view tariff plans offered by Anywhere SIM, click here.

BT Mobile

The best thing about BT Mobile is that if you're an existing BT home broadband user, you get £5 off on your plan every month! You don't even have to be the account holder to avail this offer.

If you're not an existing user, you'll get 500 MB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes for just £10.

A slightly larger offer includes 2GB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes for just £17 per month. If you're living through your phone and consume mountains of data, you can sign up for 20GB of 4G data, unlimited texts and minutes, for £25 a month.

Using a BT Wi-Fi app, you will also be able to search and locate any of 5 million hotspots installed by BT across the country. You will be able to access internet this way without disturbing your monthly data allowance.

Ofcom report highlights EE as the most-complained-about provider

The BT SmartTalk app also lets you make calls over Wi-Fi without touching on the minutes available on your monthly package. These calls cost the same as calls made from your home phone and the cost incurred is transferred to your home BT account.

Post Office Mobile

Being around for a while, Post Office Mobile knows what's best for you and a mere look at their offering suggests the same. Ever heard of 500MB data, 250 minutes and 3000 texts for just £5? Or even a high-end 5GB data, 1000 minutes and 3000 texts for £20?

Post Office Mobile also charges just 8p a minute for national calling where Vodafone and O2 charge up to 30p and 35p! The operator also offers a double top-up option through which you receive a credit of the same amount in the following month that used to top up this month.

Not happy with calling charges? Try Post Office Mobile

Through a Post Office Mobile SIM, you can also make calls to EU zone for 25p a minute, to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for 50p a minute and to the rest of the world for £1 a minute.

Rok Mobile

As its website says, "ROK Mobile is the only mobile provider in the country to offer a plan that combines both mobile and music service for a low monthly cost without any hidden fees."

By paying £24.99 a month, not only will you be able to access unlimited minutes, texts and data, you will also be able to stream 20 million songs and download 2,000 of them each month on your phone.

Rok Mobile also offers a 30-day trial (Test drive) for just £9.99 through which you can use 250 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB data and unlimited music streaming for two weeks.

‘You have a mobile and separate streaming service and there’s been a technology barrier with the two not quite understanding what each service does. We think the UK mobile market need a bit of a change and we can provide that by bringing these two worlds together. We can break down the barriers and simplify the process,’ said Joel Spencer, MD of Rok Mobile.


FreedomPop is a free mobile service that draws its revenue from value added services only.

‘The threat is coming from the fact that we are leveraging new technologies to deliver a truly new and unique business model that takes voice technology and data and says lets commoditise it further, the things we charge for is value added services,' said Stephen Stokols, CEO.

The network offers up to 200MB of data, 200 texts and 200 minutes every month to customers in the UK absolutely free, confirming that it "believes mobile access is a right and not a privilege and is committed to offering basic levels of mobile service 100% truly free."

American network FreedomPop to offer data, texts and minutes absolutely free

Backed by Niklas Zennstom, the founder of Skype, the network will also offer customers with the ability of using internally different numbers in addition to their UK numbers. Taking up an international number in the same SIM will cost you an additional £2 per month. However, if you make calls or receive calls from the country where the number belongs, you will be charged at local rates.

Offering a niche product to UK customers that regular operators do not provide, the network also assures that you will be able to roll over your unused data to the next month and offers anonymous browsing as well.

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