BlackBerry 'Vienna', its next Android phone leaked

Pictures of BlackBerry's next Android phone 'Vienna' have now been leaked and the possible surprise planned by the company has now fallen on its face, thanks to the leak.

The new phone in question is called the 'Vienna', just like the Priv was known as Venice before it was officially launched. Vienna does feature a physical keyboard, but unlike in the Priv, it’s not a slide-out one. However, the display seems to be of the same size as Priv's.

Priv could be the last Blackberry phone, unless you buy it!

Sadly, the leakers didn't mention any features or specifications in the new phone, which means we'll have to scout for more leaks before we put ourselves in a position to draw comparisons. However, the fact that BlackBerry is now turning out Android phones in quick succession gives an indication that it has now migrated towards Android for good. 

Meet Blackberry’s first Android phone! It's called Priv

Not too long ago, CEO John Chen hinted that if the Priv doesn't perform, BlackBerry will put an end to their handsets business for good. Given that yet another Android phone is lurking behind the company's smokescreen, the possibilities are either that pre-orders of the Priv have been encouraging or that BlackBerry's top men do not really agree with Chen and are willing to go the distance with Android.

Blackberry Priv promises to be a winner at a steal

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    Guest18th Aug 2016

    Why can't blackberry manufacture qwerty Base android mobiles like q10

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