Google Nexus 6P review: Android at its best

Google's Nexus 6P just went through an in-depth review at Mobile Choice HQ, and we found that Huawei and Google have  crafted such an awe-inspiring phone for the price that giving it five stars was a no brainer.

Google's recently launched Nexus 6P phablet has been in the news recently, either for a 'sometimes shattering' rear glass panel or its 'out of stock' status on Google Store. The fact that the phablet is doing so well towards the end of a year that has been overflowing with phones of all kinds made us curious. To be honest, we weren't disappointed.

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What's it like?

A 5.7-inch phone with a thickness of just 7.3mm has to be sleek, and Nexus 6P's pure metal body makes it comfortable to hold as well. The phone is, for a change, utterly recognizable thanks to its beautiful rear glass panel and a fingerprint sensor on the back. 


Nexus 6P has an AMOLED display which projects an amazing 518ppi and a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560p. What impressed us the most is that the quality showed and we finally came across a competitor to Samsung's S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ phones' displays.

Nexus 6P's display also holds pleasing contrasts, glorious shades of colours and doesn't over-saturate unlike Samsung's displays.

Nexus 6P out of stock on Google Store; rave reviews to blame?


Imagine viewing 15 minutes of YouTube videos over 4G with brightness set to 100% and losing just 6 per cent of battery charge in the process. Thanks to a 3,450 mAh battery, Nexus 6P is capable of that feat.

The battery can last up to two days, dual speakers ensure crystal-clear audio quality, Bluetooth connectivity is spot on and browsing over 4G is fast and a pleasing experience.

Nexus 6P is powered by a 64-bit octacore Snapdragon 810 processor and a 2.0 GHz processor does the muscle work, yet the phablet showed little sign of heating up over prolonged use. The new Marshmallow OS comes without much clutter and isn't a strain over the battery, the processor or the RAM.

 Google Nexus 6P's rear glass panel shatters spontaneously, report owners


Despite lacking Optical Image stabilisation, the 12.3MP rear camera is stupendous, offering you choice of resolutions at which you want to take pictures and can record 4K UHD videos as well.

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The camera delivers picture quality that is comparable to that of LG G4 under all conditions. The 8MP selfie camera comes with a 3s or a 10s countdown timer and can take videos at up to 1080p resolution.

Camera image examples



Is it worth your money?

Apart from a slightly less impressive design, we didn't find Nexus 6P to be any inferior to Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+ which costs almost £200 more.

At just £449, Nexus 6P offers pure Android experience with great cameras, robust battery life and a solid build. Even though the phone lacks expandable storage option, it offers as much as 128GB of internal space for your stuff. To round it up, it’s a Nexus phone you'll be proud to own.


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