Google Nexus 6P: first shattering glass panel & now poor quality microphone

Google's Nexus 6P’s real glass panel which covers the cameras is cracking up on its own, say users. And to make matters worse, a large number of users are now complaining about poor quality of the on-board microphones. This despite the Huawei-built hadset recieving rave reviews including us. We gave it a superlative 5/5 during our in-depth review.

Google's Nexus 6P emerged as the company's most premium and heavily-spec'd Android phone when it was launched not too long ago. For you, it combined the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, a unibody metal design, an amazing 518ppi WQHD display, great cameras with a new Google Camera app, a 3,450 mAh battery and as much as 128GB of internal storage.

However, as customers start receiving their handsets, it seems all is not well with Google's flagship phone.

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Nexus 6P's unique design features a horizontal glass panel covering the rear camera. Users had previously reported that glass panels on their phones were, and still are, shattering by themselves without any external pressure being applied on them. The cracks seem so severe that a few pieces of glass shavings fall on the surfaces where they're kept.

Even though the phone's display is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 screen, we aren't sure how sturdy the rear glass panel is. The fact that Google or Huawei are yet to respond to such reports makes it even more puzzling. However, some reports suggest that the cracks owe themselves to shrinking and expanding of the glass as per the temperatures they're exposed to.

To make matters worse, users have now started complaining about poor audio output of the on-board microphones which they say is muffled and of poor quality.

If you are one such user, you'll find that people you're speaking with won't be able to hear your voice clearly. A lot of users may confuse this phenomenon with poor network coverage. However, a user in XDA developers’ forum believes that the issue may owe itself to Qualcomm's Fluence noise cancellation feature which caused similar issues with Nexus 5 as well. Another user suggests that covering one of the microphones that's placed below the camera button could also solve this issue.

Until Google or Huawei come up with a response, a software update or just a plain admission of faulty manufacturing, we won't know for sure why one of the most premium phones in the world can't just let us talk in peace. As of now, Google's engineers are investigation this issue.

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As far as the isue with the rear glass panel is concerned, according to a Reddit user, "this could be caused by the method they use to temper the glass. I’m by no means an expert, but the method used to temper Gorilla glass involves giving the glass ion baths to strengthen it. The strength comes at a cost though – due to the strong attraction of the glass particles to one another and compression of the whole, the glass develops lines of internal torque and stress, leading to explosive results if the glass is impacted or pressed from the wrong angle."

Another user on the same thread said, "I don't know enough to answer the part about the glass vs oleophobic coating. I can tell you that you can feel the scratches with a fingernail. Here's a picture of the scratches from my first 6P if it helps. No scratches on the visor. No scratches on my six other phones that I use exactly the same way as I use the 6P; phone in my pocket or face down on my desk. I don't use screen protectors or cases on any of my devices.

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I get the feeling there was a bad batch and I just got unlucky. I was super excited for this phone and this is not how I wanted things to start off."

While we aren't new to cracked displays, this is probably the first time we've come across glass panels cracking up without the device falling or being exposed to hard knocks. With Google pinning its hopes on the success of its new Nexus devices, we're sure they'll come up with a response soon.

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