Firefox browser lets you preserve your browsing history from third parties

Your Firefox browser is better placed to save your browsing history and personal information from leaking out to third parties, says Nick Nguyen, VP of Firefox.

"We first added Private Browsing to Firefox to give you control over your privacy locally by not saving your browser history and cookies when you close a private window. However, when you browse the web, you can unknowingly share information about yourself with third parties that are separate from the site you're actually visiting, even in private browsing mode on any browser," says Nguyen. 

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Private browsing modes in Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge normally keep browsing history, cache and cookies at an arm’s length from the user. However, Firefox 42, the latest version of the popular web browser can block content like social sharing tabs, ads and analytics trackers when on private browsing mode.

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 As per Nguyen, such content can store your information and pass them on to third parties, thus negating the effectiveness of private browsing. Given that Firefox can keep them away, you will not have to install ad blockers separately.

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"We’re also introducing a new Control Center in Firefox that contains site security and privacy controls in a single place in your address bar. Since some Web pages may appear broken when elements that track behaviour are blocked, we’ve made it easy to turn off Tracking Protection in Private Browsing for a particular site using the Control Center," Nguyen added.

The new 'Private Browsing with Tracking Protection' is available in Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices.

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