Security flaws haunt Samsung's flagship Galaxy S6 Edge

As many as eleven security flaws haunt Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge phablet and three of them are yet to be addressed, says Google.

The Galaxy S6 Edge, a device that Samsung holds so close to its heart, is a thing of beauty. Its sleek frame is marked by smooth curves on both vertical edges and the metal and glass body marks a departure from the usual plastic in Galaxy S series phones.


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Despite its premium description, the phone is far from perfect. Google has pointed out as many as eleven security flaws that include a vulnerability which can let a hacker gain control of the phone remotely. Till date, Samsung has fixed eight vulnerabilities and has promised to fix the remaining ones in November. One of the unfixed issues "allows an attacker to execute JavaScript embedded in emails, which increases the attack surface of the email client, but otherwise has unclear impact."

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 However, Google has also lauded Samsung for having fixed a majority of issues, several of which were high impact ones, within 90 days after being reported. As per Google, the motive behind selecting the Galaxy S6 Edge was that Samsung as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) made use of the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) which is an important area for Android security research.


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"OEMs are an important area for Android security research, as they introduce additional (and possibly vulnerable) code into Android devices at all privilege levels, and they decide the frequency of the security updates that they provide for their devices to carriers," said Google.


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The fact that Google has decided to take ownership of Android's security status in devices manufactured by OEMs bodes well both for Android users as well as for the operating system in the long term. Modern phone manufacturers frequently use their own interfaces over the Android OS to bring in unique looks and features and several of them add new bugs and vulnerabilities in the process.

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