Your web browsing history will soon be recorded by the Government

Your web browsing history will soon be recorded and accessed by Government agencies if the draft Investigatory Powers Bill gets the nod from both Houses of Parliament.

The proposed bill, to be announced by the Home Secretary, includes recording web browsing histories and allows the Police to access such data without warrant. However, the Police can only check which websites you're visiting but in order to read what you're reading, they'll need a warrant.

To sort this out, the bill also proposes to empower judges to sign warrants to access contents of websites that you're visiting and also allow the GCHQ to hack into your computer to watch what you're up to.


Basically, to flush out terrorists and anti-social elements, the Government wants you to pay up with your privacy.

The Government's approach towards data encryption by technology companies may also receive a shot in the arm through the bill. Even though the Government has the power to force these companies to provide details of users' activities, the new bill may strengthen the Government's hand even further.

Like the recent TalkTalk hack suggests, complete end to end encryption of data protects technology companies, and ultimately our personal details like e-mails, addresses and bank account numbers, from hacks. If they are forced to relax such encryption standards, hackers will surely have a jolly time stealing our data in future.

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    Guest5th Nov 2015

    not comfortable with big brother over my shoulder, all for personal, and national security, but somewhere therehas to be a line drawn in the sand, my ...

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