Wileyfox Storm review: Fab cameras and HD display at just £199

We recently reviewed the Wileyfox Storm, a mid-range phone available at an incredibly keen price, and tried to find out why this new smartphone has become the third largest pre-ordered mobile phone on Amazon in the UK.

Wileyfox Storm: Pricing

Storm costs just £199, gaining a lot more eyeballs in the process. In terms of looks, it oozes sophistication with a very grip-able soft suedette back and a burnt orange accent. The logo doesn't exactly stand out and the curves on the sides make the Storm feel thinner than it is. Overall, the phone is a real steal at its price.


Wileyfox Storm: Cyanogen OS?

The new Cyanogen OS in Storm is best known for its privacy features and different layout. It lays out apps in an alphabetical order thus making them easier to spot.

Wileyfox Storm in-depth review - Wileyfox goes down a storm

The new OS can also offer you options like controlling security settings for every app individually, remotely wipe data from your phone if you lose it an even change the look and feel of your phone through its 'Themes' section.

Wileyfox Storm: Performance

The 32GB in-house storage and the 3GB RAM are complemented by a microSD slot which doubles up as a SIM tray as well. This lets you choose between an additional number or 128GB memory which seems to be a sensible move. However, Antutu tests have revealed a score of 30125 which isn't up to the mark when compared with similarly spec'd phones.


Wileyfox Storm: Cameras

The 20MP primary and 8MP front cameras are great additions in the Storm considering its price. Our review revealed that the CMR sensor ensures colours are richly reproduced and it works well with a range of apps and filters. You can also shoot videos with a respectable 1080p resolution. 

Meet Storm, a £199 phone with Full HD display, 20MP camera and 32GB internal storage

Wileyfox Storm: Display

The big 5.5 inch IPS display has a 1080p resolution and a density of 400ppi. It offers great viewing of streamed and downloaded video content and displays crystal clear images which make the Storm a bargain considering the price.


However, the display does draw a lot of juice and you'll find battery charge depleting quickly once you start watching videos online.

Wileyfox Storm: Verdict

Despite fielding brilliant cameras, display and design, Storm loses out when it comes down to battery life. However, if you are good at rationing your phone's battery, the phone can be a great purchase.

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