ZTE Axon Elite review: True to its name

ZTE's Axon Elite recently went through an in-depth review at our Editor's desk and turned out to be as capable as we expect any decent phone in its genre to be. The 5.5-inch Axon Elite, despite being priced at just £299, can give most flagships a run for their money. Here's why..

ZTE AXON Elite: Look and feel

ZTE's Axon Elite combines the smoothness and curves of HTC's One M9 with faux-leather stitched look of Samsung's Galaxy S5. The sturdy magnesium aluminium alloy gives way to some metal lattice work between the two lenses of the camera on the back of the phone and also covering speaker grilles that flank the display.

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ZTE AXON Elite: Biometric features

ZTE Axon Elite offers four ways of unlocking it: pattern code, fingerprint, voice recognition as well as retina scanning. So if you're not too good at remembering passwords, your retina can still do the trick.


 ZTE AXON Elite: Cameras

ZTE Axon Elite features dual rear cameras- a 13MP one and a 2MP one. They combine well to produce sharp and clear pictures of objects at a distance, and take care of digital zooming as well. You can even interchange between these cameras to magnify more distant objects.

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 The cameras also work well in low light conditions and feature 4K video recording, a 6P spherical optical module and let you take pictures while recording videos.

The 8MP front camera can also cover an 88 degree wide angle with a resolution of 1080p.


ZTE AXON Elite: Inner specifications

ZTE Axon Elite features the top of the chart Snapdragon 810 SoC yet doesn't show any signs of overheating under prolonged usage. There's also a 3GB RAM, a 32GB storage, a microSD slot carrying up to 128GB additional storage, two SIM card slots and Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OS to top it all.

The 3,000 mAh battery can also be turbocharged by up to 25 per cent after a 10 minute session that zooms up the phone's life by several hours.

ZTE AXON Elite: Price

Featuring attractive design, more-than-capable specs and a sturdy frame, ZTE Axon Elite at £299 is a steal. Great speakers, a crystal clear display and biometric identification add the icing on the cake as far as exclusive features are concerned.

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