Do you hold a TalkTalk account? Get ready for up to £1000 in compensation

A £1000 bounty may soon knock on your door if you are an existing TalkTalk account holder.

While still reeling under a massive cyber-attack last Thursday which compromised thousands of customer names, addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, TalkTalk account information, credit card details and bank details, the mobile network operator could be in for a far greater trouble if it is forced to pay compensation to affected customers.

If un-encrypted personal information is indeed stolen in such a large scale by alleged Islamic terrorists, somebody really needs to pay up. In this case, no one is more culpable that TalkTalk who failed to encrypt its customers' financial information.

Talk in the town is that lawyers are now drafting compensation claims in favour of customers with claims as large as £1,000 per customer. This would effectively wipe out nearly £75 million from TalkTalk's coffers, rendering it almost penniless.

Adrian Culley, ex-detective of Metropolitan Police said,  “This is the Great Train Robbery of the 21st Century. There is a potentially huge liability for TalkTalk. Compensation payments could put them out of business.”

Meanwhile, CEO Dido Harding has been making public appearances regularly since the hack was discovered. In a recent one, she gave a good news and a bad news. The good news is that the attack may not be as severe as previously envisaged. The bad news is that there is no guarantee on cyber-attacks not taking place in the future.

Considering that the latter is true, there are several ways you can either limit or completely avoid the next hack. These are:

  • Switch over to an operator which encrypts your data and features a strong security system.
  • Constantly change account passwords and never keep the same password for multiple accounts. Do ensure your passwords are always complex and are at least eight characters long.
  • Never open attachments or even links to suspicious websites received on mail from unknown senders. These links often download malicious software that makes your device easily hackable.
  • Always use passcodes, firewalls and antivirus software in your device which make life much harder for potential hackers. Staying clear of questionable apps is also a great idea.
  • Never log in to a public Wi-Fi until you know its a secure one and is offered by a major firm with good security credentials. Also, make your device forget public Wi-Fis once you've logged off. Public Wi-Fi can often be used by hackers to infiltrate innocent devices.


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  1. Sunetra_NHM

    The story does mention it is 'upto' £1000 per customer. Not all customers will get the same amount of compensation, in fact our headline says so too!

  2. Guest
    Guest26th Oct 2015

    4 million cutomers x £1000 per customer = £4billion, not £75million. £75 million divided between 4 million customers is £18.75 each. Do you even thi...

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