Facebook’s Search FYI will let you access two trillion public posts and discussions!

Two trillion posts and counting. So what does Facebook do with such a database? It becomes Google.

Facebook has just revamped its own search feature and has now named it Search FYI. Using this new feature, you will be able to browse through two trillion posts, join discussion forums and probably delete your Google search app.

However, the social media giant has ensured privacy isn't compromised in the process. You will only be able to search for and view posts made by people in your friends list and public posts. Search FYI is now available in iOS, Android and desktop platforms.

So if you're planning to scale the Scafell Pike, just put it on Search FYI and you'll be treated to user videos, mountaineering pictures and tonnes of comments made by users who have either scaled it or are planning to. You will also be able to view the mountain's own Facebook page as well as those of nearby hotels. It does outclass Google search this way.



Currently handling up to 1.5 billion searches every day, the revamped search tool may just see the numbers double in no time, given the vast pool of information the database holds. While the move may make a lot of us revisit our privacy settings as soon as we can, some users may also be inclined to make certain posts public to let the world view and comment on their experiences.

Editor's note:

'Facebook is an information repository, not just personal but also of world events. With the biggest social database in the world they are in the unique position of not just having access to personal but also world news. Making it all searchable is making it a living history of world affairs that will be reported on in future. It is a brave new step which will make Facebook more enmeshed in the lives of the people whose social life it handles already.'


While this feature will surely help you access almost everything the planet can offer, you need to be aware that any of your posts that you made public in the past will now be available in the public search domain. Your search history may also be used in the future by Facebook to target you with specific ads.

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