Updated: Apple News app is in: here's why its different

Imagine The Guardian, the BBC, The Telegraph and Sky News all in one place! Won't you be so relieved if you do not need to keep four different news apps in your iPhone and get all the information in one? Say hello to Apple News.

Along with iOS 9.1, Apple has finally introduced Apple News in Europe, more than a month after it was released in the United States.

While NewsNow and Google news have turned out to be highly popular news aggregators over the years, Apple claims that Apple News will be completely unlike existing ones.

Unlike Google news, Apple News will offer custom layouts to publishers which lays emphasis on devoting the maximum screen space to content.  This means you will be able to read stories from different sources in easily-readable formats and font sizes. This also helps articles load quicker and cuts out ad space. Apart from content, you will also be able to access images, galleries, videos, audio and animation.

The News app will also let you save articles for future reading. If you're at work and don't have the time to read entire articles, just save them and read them when you take the ride back home.

The app, working smoothly in both iPhones and iPads, categorises publishers and articles to manage your reading experience better. The 'For You' section keeps a list of articles that the app collates based on your reading history and which you are more prone to click on. The 'Favourites' section collates a list of publishers whom you've chosen, the 'Explore' section lets you browse through articles and publishers you haven't read before and the 'Saved' section keeps the articles that you've marked up for later reading.

The format in which articles are lined up lets you check how old they are, see related images, view names of publishers and the articles that you've already read appear faded to let you know about articles you haven't read yet.

"Apple News collects all the stories you want to read, from top news sources, based on topics you're most interested in - so you no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed," said an Apple representative.

Apple News is currently featuring publishers like the Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Guardian, the FT, the BBC, Haymarket and Conde Nast. Along with UK, Australian iOS users will also get the News app once they download iOS 9.1.

Made available in the middle of September, iOS 9's adoption rate has already gone up to 61 per cent, which means the News app will benefit from a great headstart. The fact that Apple directly controls both the phones as well as the software ensures that the News app will continue to receive a steady stream of updates and fixes in the coming days. The popularity of iOS 9 was based on both its reduced size compared to iOS 8 as well as a series of updates that ranged from performance improvement, stability and battery saving features. 

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    I'm multi-lingual, travel frequently and want news from a variety of sources. Apple News imprisons me in one country. A total waste of space on my...

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