YouTube's paid subscription service: What's in it for you

YouTube's new paid subscription service will cost you just £6.50 a month, quite modest if you consider most online music services like Spotify or Apple Music. Yet, we're sure you wouldn't just sign up for it until you knew what it adds over the existing YouTube website and app which are free.

Here's a checklist of what you'll get if you sign up for the paid subscription today.

It's a bundle

YouTube is bundling the subscription into a merged service for you, bringing in access to Google Play service, YouTube gaming as well as the ability to download and watch online content. This seems to be a much better offer than ones offered by music-only streaming services.

No more ads

Curtailing advertisements is the usual carrot offered by premium subscription services, be it music, websites or apps, and YouTube hasn't let the opportunity go. Apart from getting rid of advertisements that block your view, YouTube will also let you access exclusive 'feature-length films starring high-profile vloggers.'

Run it like your music app

Another user-friendly feature that the paid subscription activates will let you play music on the background while you use other apps on your mobile phone.

Just like music streaming services, artists will get a share of your subscription amount which will help them create more content for your exclusive viewing before they get released on other platforms.

You will also be able to toggle music videos to play audio only, thus saving enough bandwidth and battery life in the process.

You'll need to wait a bit

YouTube's paid subscription will launch in the United States on 28 October, yet the company hasn't confirmed a release date in the UK so far. However, with YouTube stressing that the paid subscription will find many takers in the developing world gives us an impression that it won't delay a worldwide release by too long.

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