Apple launches 184 new emojis with iOS 9.1 and the Vulcan salute is among them

Apple recently launched its latest update to iOS 9, and among other new things, the most interesting ones are a new bunch of Emoji characters that range from smileys to hand gestures to sunglasses to the popular Vulcan salute.

So if you're done with your existing Emoji keyboard, Apple is here to ensure you're never short of new expressions. Why not, when Emojis are emerging as the fastest growing alternate language on the internet.

Here's a peek at the most interesting additions to the iOS 9 Emoji inventory.


Making expressions is one thing we're all good at. To bring all of them in one place is tedious enough, yet Apple has taken a few strides here with the iOS 9.1 update.

New additions include a slightly smiling face, hugging face, thinking face, rolling eyes, zipper-mouth face and a face with head bandage. A metallic robot face makes its debut here as well.


Chipmunk, baby lion, Unicorn and Turkey are now official emojis in iOS devices. The Turkey looks a lot more intimidating than the lion though. Also making an appearance are a scorpion, Shamrock, Spider, a Dove of Peace and a crab.

Vulcan Salute

Previously hidden when it was first launched with iOS 8.3, the Vulcan salute is now back and available to all in five skin tones.



If you're talking weather, you can back up your words with a few new cloud Emojis. These include cloud with rain, cloud with snow, thunder cloud, fog, sun hiding behind cloud and a comet.

You will also get to share three new umbrella Emojis, bringing the total to five.


Among the most commonly Emojis, food and drinks get new additions with iOS 9.1. New additions in your iOS Emoji keyboard will be Burrito, Taco, Popcorn, cheese wedge, Hot Dog and a Bottle with Popping cork.


If your friends want to know what you're playing, you can simply share an Emoji once you download iOS 9.1!

New game Emojis include Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Cricket and Table Tennis. You can also choose skin tones for player Emojis that match your own.

Other Emoji additions include 44 new flags, a new Personal Computer Emoji, obsolete tech products like joystick, trackball and three-button mouse and travel and transport Emojis like rail track, ferry, airplanes, satellite and motorway.

Apart from Emojis, the new and popular Live Photos feature also gets a new update. Lice Photos will now track if you're raising or lowering your iPhone while taking pictures and will not track these movements. Features like CarPlay. Safari, search and Music also get new stability upgrades.

For the complete list of iOS 9.1 Emojis, click here.


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