Apple Car: Concept, development and release date

Apple's unique secretive model for future products usually entails that people are aware of what's coming but every single detail will remain a mystery until after the actual launch.

Apple has so far successfully implemented this model as far as its upcoming Project Titan is concerned. The project is dedicated towards building and commercializing an electric car which will feature the latest in in-car technology, Apple's CarPlay system and a revolutionary way to let your iPhone or iPad interact with your car. However, none of what is being talked about in the market can be taken for granted until Apple makes an announcement.



Apple has already held meetings with traffic officials in California to verify how self-driven cars will be regulated. This gives us enough evidence that Apple Car may be a self-driven one. However, the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple Car will be both manually-driven as well as self-driven. Whether these will be two different variants or will be part of the same car is still anybody's guess.

While Apple's engineers may come up with a compact design, Apple Car is unlikely to be shaped like a capsule like the Google Car is, and may look more like conventional cars like Tesla's Model S and BMW's i3.

At the same time, there is no dispute on the fact that Apple Car will run on electric power and will not be dependent on petrol, diesel or hybrid fuels.


As per sources, Project Titan has the personal backing of Tim Cook who has authorised the team to triple its manpower from the existing six hundred to nearly two thousand.

In the process of bringing in the best talent available in the industry, Apple has hired Johann Jungwirth who previously headed R&D at Mercedes-Benz. A large number of ex-Tesla employees have also been hired to help with timely development of the Apple Car. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, mentions Apple Car's division as the 'Tesla graveyard”.

Release date

While most rumours, leaks and reports suggest that the Apple Car will start selling in 2019, Apple will have to register a trade name and enlist manufacturers for bulk production at least a year or two ahead if the date is true.

This means we should know as soon as by next year if Apple will indeed release the car in the next three years. Tim Cook has so far been quite eloquent while praising the Car's capabilities, but has made no mention on when Apple intends to start selling it.

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