It's official! Snapchat is world's number one smartphone performance killing app

Snapchat has just won the unenviable crown of being the number one Android smartphone performance killing app, overtaking the likes of known 'battery drainers' like Facebook and Spotify.

In a survey conducted by AVG Technologies on over one million Android phone users, Snapchat emerged as the least fuel-efficient app thanks to its simultaneous use of GPS, camera, Wi-Fi  and mobile data, thus putting phone batteries under great stress.

Just in case you're not familiar with Snapchat, it is a video messaging app using which you can shoot photos, record videos, add texts and can forward them to other users. Recipients can view your photos or videos for a maximum of ten seconds after which these files are deleted from Snapchat's server.

Despite its battery-draining capabilities, Snapchat is immensely popular with over 500 million site visits every day.

Apart from the bit about Snapchat, AVG Technologies' survey also revealed that Facebook Pages Manager, the social media firm's monitoring app, is among the leading auto-start draining apps in the world. This is owed to its ability to store and track content like followers, statistics and comments at all times.

In terms of storage consumption, the Google Chrome app climbed up to second position thanks to its ability to collect truckloads of browsing data.

In terms of services, Samsung's “” turned out to be the most battery consuming one. The service delivers updates on your smartphone through Wi-Fi periodically, thus sipping life out of your phone battery without you knowing about it.

While many of these apps are our essential companions, you can still preserve your smartphone's battery by periodically cleaning these apps, getting rid of cache and browsing data and stopping automatic updates as frequently as possible.

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