Blackberry Priv promises to be a winner at a steal

Premium smartphone, check. Latest mobile OS, check. Best privacy solutions, check. Market-leading battery, check. Slide-down keyboard, check. Retail availability, check.

Meet Priv, Blackberry's latest premium offering in smartphone technology now retailing exclusively at Carphone Warehouse for £579 SIM free.

Blackberry has finally overcome the problem of lack of apps and OS issues by going for stock android platform wth the Priv. So if you've been dithering from owning a Blackberry just because it doesn't fit with Android, you won't have to worry anymore.

Priv's pricing at just £579 SIM free is fairly competitive, hovering somewhere between those of other high-end phones and several mid-range offerings. The fact that you'll be able to enjoy both 5.4-inch display as well as a Blackberry QWERTY keyboard is another plus that's hard to miss.

For Blackberry lovers, we can hardly say there's been a compromise as far as the Priv is concerned. While using the Priv, you'll be able to access Blackberry messenger, Blackberry Hub and BlackBerry Universal search options from the home screen. In short, you'll be using a premium Android phone secured by the latest Blackberry 10 Enterprise solutions. What's best is that BlackBerry's Enterprise Server is now compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Apart from the best in privacy solutions, Blackberry's Priv will rock a Snapdragon 808 processor, a monster 3,410 mAh battery, physical and touch keyboards, 3GB RAM and an 18MP primary camera.

You can pre-order a Priv from Carphone Warehouse by paying either £579 for a SIM free device or by choosing from a range of pay monthly options. These will start at £39 per month with an upfront cost of £59.99. 

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  1. Guest
    Guest27th Oct 2015

    Great design, great phone, will get it asap!

  2. Guest
    Guest19th Oct 2015

    How can I get one

  3. Guest
    Guest19th Oct 2015

    How can I get one

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