Are you with Sainsbury's Mobile? Get ready to shop around, they are shutting down network come January

Sainsbury's is set to end its role as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) come January after it became clear it could no longer compete with rivals in low cost offerings.

The move comes soon after a breakdown in talks with Vodafone where rumours say Sainsbury’s realised it could not compete with rival operators with its existing offerings.

If you've been planning to grab one sweet pay-as-you-go SIM only deal from Sainsbury's, we suggest you look elsewhere. Tesco mobile, for instance. Till now, Sainsbury's has been selling SIM cards from Vodafone only, so moving elsewhere should afford you more options.

Having left over 150,000 mobile network customers in the lurch, Sainsbury's is now asking them to use all available credit by January 15. If you're an existing customer, we're sure you'll be able to reclaim your credit after January 15 as well.

However, if you're worried about their handsets collection, Sainsbury's will continue to sell them along with their accessories in over 300 stores across the country. It's partnership with Vodafone began two and a half years ago and we believe it could return to the MVNO market once the deal expires.

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  1. Guest
    Guest15th Oct 2015

    What do users of Mobile by Sainsburys do when they close down? Will the handsets be able to use Vodafone Sims or just be dead lumps of plastic?

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