UPDATED: Samsung's Galaxy S7 to rock a 20MP camera with RAW support along with 3D Touch display!

Samsung's Galaxy S7 phone may rock a 20MP camera with a Pro mode as well as RAW support, if a new leak is to be believed.

Even though the phone is just five months away, a steady stream of rumours have come in on new features like a Snapdragon 820 processor, a strong magnesium alloy unibody design and a 5.7 inch display in Galaxy S7.

As per @sleaknow, "S7 have 20Mpx camera, support RAW, Pro mode with more option and new video recorder mode," which means you'll get images that aren't pre-processed and the optical image will be intact when you sit down to work on it.




The fact that HTC and LG already offer RAW modes doesn't make this rumour too surprising. However, the Twitter source is quite new and hasn't established itself yet, so we won't really feel let down if it doesn't turn out to be true.

Earlier, courtesy 9to5Mac, we learnt that Galaxy S7 may also contain a pressure sensitive display just like the ones in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Samsung's new display will be based on Synaptic's recently-launched ClearPad 3700 force-sensing touchscreen controller which will enable 'variable speed scrolling, new ways to zoom and pan over pictures, new contextual menus, and other features.'

Apart from Galaxy S7, Synaptic hopes to incorporate its technology in several other Android phones whose manufacturers would want to get on the pressure sensitive display wagon.

The current sensitivity in Samsung's displays allows them to read pressure commands from a stylus but not human fingers. To upgrade them to 3D Touch levels, several hardware-related changes will need to be made on their phones.

As per a Synaptic press release, the latest ClearPad 3700 series "Supports new technologies including ClearForce variable force sensing, and SideTouch™ for edge gesturing such as scroll and tap — as featured in the new Xiaomi Mi4c." We believe the Force Touch technology in Huawei Mate S is based on the same technology.

While the news doesn't surprise us in the least, it'll be interesting to see if Samsung will be able to bring in the kind of precision and sensitivity in its future displays like the ones in the latest iPhones, especially since the hardware will be a third-party creation.

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