Would you get Vodafone's broadband? There's free Netflix for a year

A brand new 76 Mbps fixed broadband and a year of free Netflix to go with it anywhere in the country. Sounds fun? Well, Vodafone has just introduced one.

Guess what the best part is? You don't need to be an existing Vodafone mobile customer to avail one.

The new plug-and-play Vodafone routers will span over 22 million households across UK and will bring you unlimited data at blistering speed. You will need to install a Vodafone Connect mobile app in your smartphone to manage your subscription better though.

How it works?

Through the mobile app, you will be able to tweak your Wi-Fi signals to either favour a particular gadget or use Beamforming technology to make Wi-Fi signals reach every compatible device in your home. Another great feature is that the app will let you set maximum limits for each device to ration the available data and you will also be able to offer Wi-Fi access to visitors through the 'Guest Wi-Fi' setting.

Through its Easy Switching service, Vodafone will handle the transition from your existing home broadband to its own by handling everything, thus saving you enough hassle.

What are the packages?

You can choose from a range of speeds as per your requirement. They range from 17 Mbps Broadband ASDL to 38Mbps Superfast Fibre Broadband and the fastest 76 Mbps Superfast Fibre+ Broadband.

If you're an existing Vodafone mobile customer, you will get £5 off every month on the standard price for the duration of your contract. If you use Vodafone Red, you will be entitled to "inclusive calls anytime to UK landlines, plus 300 free minutes to UK mobile numbers."

The one-year free Netflix offer will also let you choose among a range of TV series and movies across genres.

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  1. Guest
    Guest26th Oct 2016

    I have just signed with Vodafone not connected yet.However they clearly state if they cannot provide the required speed you can leave vodaphone with n...

  2. Guest
    Guest14th Oct 2016

    Network error occurs throughout the day whether your working or using for daily networks tasks. Was assured that I could get fibre but this was not t...

  3. Guest
    Guest22nd Feb 2016

    Stay away from Vodafone home broadband. At the time i thought they were offering a good deal. I moved from BT on a similar 38Mbps fibre package, but t...

  4. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2015

    And the prices are?

  5. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2015

    I have just read your article re Vodafone’s new mobile offer. I am with Vodafone and would like to know what your definition of “anywhere in the count...

  6. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2015

    Up to 76Mbps or any "up to" means absolutely nothing in itself. What is the guaranteed minimum speed? What is the upload speed?

  7. Guest
    Guest13th Oct 2015

    Not anywhere in the UK as hull is in the UK and I bet if I call them we won't be able to get it. This type of story needs to start highlighting the la...

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