Priv could be the last Blackberry phone, unless you buy it!

Many of us have had love-hate relationship with Blackberry phones since smartphones were born. We used to balance the lovely looks of QWERTY keypads and the thick and broad Blackberry design with complex security protocols, tiny screens and lack of apps.

However, Blackberry has moved on with the times. The QWERTY keypad had made way for full screens and  BlackBerry's Enterprise Server is now compatible with Android and iOS. To add the icing on the cake, Blackberry's latest smartphone runs on Android!

Even though Blackberry's security services are doing well, handsets aren't. The real reasons behind this are pricing and its operating system which isn't up to the mark compared to Android and iOS. This has led CEO John Chen to mull about discarding the handsets business and focus totally on offering security solutions to iOS and Android. Unless the Priv tuns out to be succesful.

Blackberry Priv is a 5.4 inch phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that can pop out at the bottom of the phone. It also features an 18MP camera, a 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 808 processor.

In terms of software, Priv contains stock Android architecture and offers quick launch access to emails, Blackberry Messenger and messages. You can also access Google Now, BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Universal search options from the home screen.

Through Priv, Blackberry has bet big on Android. For you, this is the first chance of trying an Android phone secured by Blackberry 10 Enterprise, enjoy a big display while using a physical QWERTY keyboard and enjoy almost every app in the world in a Blackberry phone.

Blackberry is yet to announce pricing and detailed specifications even though it has announced that Priv will be available this fall. If the Priv fails to get your attention, Blackberry may not try again.

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  1. Guest
    Guest12th Oct 2015

    I will consider because of app store of Android. I nearly switch my phone because of apps. But now I will wait.

  2. Guest
    Guest12th Oct 2015

    I would consider android blackberry qwerty phone.

  3. Christian_NHM
    12th Oct 2015

    This Blackberry looks massive

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