Did Touch ID button in iPhone 6s singe your finger? You're not alone

Apple's iPhone 6s, not unexpectedly, has bulldozed the competition with flair post launch, churning up sales like never before. And why not? New features like an improved camera, battery saving feature, 3D Touch and iOS 9 have reinforced Apple fans' belief in iPhone technologies and their ease of usage.

However, new technologies often have to deal with issues like stability, overheating or variable performance, and the iPhone 6s is no stranger to the phenomenon.

The culprit this time is iPhone 6s' Touch ID button. Several users have so far flagged issues about the Touch ID button getting too hot to touch in Apple's forums. The problem turns graver still when users are unable to start their iPhones using the button and the problem is only corrected by resetting their iPhones.

Apart from the Touch ID fiasco, iPhone 6s has eased in quietly without problems like 'bendgate' coming back to haunt Apple. The Cupertino giant has already released two fixes to iOS 9 post iPhone 6s launch which indicates it is serious about issues cropping up in its latest devices.

However, 9to5Mac reports that some users have reported issues like inconsistent 3D Touch and poor sound quality in iPhone's internal speakers. While Apple is yet to respond publicly to such criticism, we'll surely get to know once new software patches are released to contain them.

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