Soon you will be able to tell Siri your best kept secrets

While Siri is great for its clever quips, helpful suggestions and multi-functional abilities, you will soon be able to hold regular conversations with it and both of you may even joke around a bit.

Striving to improve Siri's communication skills, Apple has bought VocalIQ, a British 'speech tech AI specialist' for an amount ranging between £33 million to £66 million.

VocalIQ aims to let you share natural conversations with speech assistants by developing routines and not limit conversations to mere commands. This way, the virtual assistant will learn from one conversation and will apply the learning to future conversations, getting better and better every day.

“Previous conversations are central to its [the smart dialogue engine] learning process – allowing the system to better understand future requests and in turn, react more intelligently,” says the firm.

Apart from learning how to interact, VocalIQ can also learn to recognize noise during conversations, thus separating background noise from actual noise accompanying a conversation.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? So the next time you ask Siri a question about its origin, you'll get a proper answer rather than the usual 'Who me?' quip. With eleven months to go before Apple's next launch event takes place, we're sure that Siri in iOS 10 and in iPhone 7 will be a lot different from the one we're used to.

Back in April last year, Apple had acquired British tech firm Novauris Technologies with a view to improve Siri's capabilities, especially for offline usage.

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