Your Xperia Z5 Premium won’t run its 4K display all the time

When Sony announced its three new phones at IFA in September, the Xperia Z5 Premium turned heads with its bright new 4k display with pixel density of an unheard of 806 ppi.

While this makes the display the clearest and the brightest in the world, you will not be able to enjoy the 4k visual all the time. A recent post by Sony in Xperia blog suggests a few reasons for this that do make sense.

A 4k display has the capability to consume around twice the battery power of your smartphone, thus rendering it uneconomical in terms of survivability on a single charge. We don't see any point in revelling over a 4k display for just a few hours.

“After extensive user research and testing we found that rendering entertainment content in 4K, but still being able to access and use all the other great Sony smartphone features as normal without compromising on battery life, was an absolute priority for users," says Sony.

So basically you'll be able to watch movies and videos in 4K but will not be able to make use of it while working on apps, e-mails and chat platforms. What you will also get are 4K videos streamed by YouTube and Netflix as well as videos that were created at 1080p resolution but can be upscaled to 4K by Sony. 

Yet another reason why 4K won't run all the time is that several Android apps aren't compatible with 4K scaling yet and hence won't work in the Xperia Z5 Premium. We believe developers will align their apps as per 4K scale once there are enough smartphones with 4K displays available in the market.

We aren't really sure how your smartphone's desktop will look like in 4K, but the fact that the Z5 Premium will let you watch your favourite movies in the best resolution available is certainly reason enough to go for one.

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