Android sweeps the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2015

It was an almost perfect day for Android as several smartphones won the most coveted awards at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards ceremony last night.

While Apple iPhone 6 Plus bagged the best phablet of the year award, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge walked away with Phone of the Year, Best Design and Most Innovative Design awards.

Other Android phones and tablets had their share of the fortunes as well. Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 took the Best Value phone award, LG G4 took the Best Camera Phone award and Huawei Mate S walked away with Showstopper of the year award.

These phones signify ease of usage and the speed at which users can perform various tasks. Even though iPhones generally have a cult following and are the first steps towards new technologies, Android phones aren't that far behind. The laurels won by these phones at MCCA 2015 confirm their place in the overall scheme of things.

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