LG launches V10 phablet: Ten reasons why it's worth a try

LG has launched its largest phablet yet- the 5.7 inch V10, the first smartphone of its new V series and with several upgrades of the popular G series.

Here are ten key reasons why this phone will be a lot different from the LG phones we've grown used to over the years.

1. Dual Front cameras

V10 contains two front cameras of 5MP resolution each. LG says these cameras are angled in such a way that we can take wide angle selfies of 120 degrees which is impossible to take with a single lens camera. This way we will be able to take a lot of groupies without having to buy selfie sticks.

2. Fingerprint sensor

A new fingerprint sensor in the V10 enhances security and also save time to unlock the screen. It does this by unlocking the phone and lighting up the display simultaneously.

3. No more call drops

Dropped calls can be hugely frustrating especially when you are travelling or are in a zone where signal strength is low. LG's new V10 makes use of Qualcomm Technologies TruSignal antenna which focusses on optimising signal strengths at all times. The antenna also ensures faster data transfer and call quality.


4. Ultimate music quality

V10 makes use of 32 bit Hi-Fi DAC by ESS Technology to bring the best in class music technology to your ears. This technology is normally utilized by professionals to enhance sound quality of their music. The phone can also detect connected devices automatically and play music through them.

5. Second screen

While the primary display is a 5.7-inch QHD IPS one, LG has placed another display over it to work independently. You can set it up as an 'always on' display so that it can show the time, data, battery status and weather updates when the main display is turned off.

Dual-screen LG V10 phablet starts shipping

The second screen can also offer shortcuts to apps and can bring up notifications like incoming texts and calls when the main display is in use.

6. Manual video recording

V10 is the first smartphone ever to offer manual video recording. If you're thinking of making a short film or a movie, you can use the Manual Video Mode to adjust shutter speed, frame rate, ISO, white balance and focus while recording. V10 will also offer you the option of recording videos in HD, Full HD or Ultra HD quality.

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You can also edit your videos using features like electronic image stabilization, snap videos, Quick Video Editor, Quick Share, Audio Monitor and Wind Noise filter.

7. Display resolution

The IPS QHD display in V10 offers a pixel density of 513ppi and a resolution of 2560 x 1440p. This pixel density is unsurpassed among smartphones and your experience while watching movies and videos as well as playing HD games will remain unparalleled.


8. Removable battery

Unlike most modern smartphones which are turning their batteries into fixed ones, V10's 3000 mAh battery will be removable. This means you can easily prolong the V10's life by a couple of years by changing batteries whenever required.

9. Storage and memory

Even though maximum storage capacity of the V10 is 64GB, its capacity to accommodate additional storage through external slots is 2TB, several times higher than the capacity of G3 or G4 phones.

The phone also boasts a 4GB RAM which is sufficient to hold the sails for 24-hour usage and is the highest among smartphones.

10. Durability

The V10's frame is made of SAE grade 316L stainless steel which is among the toughest known variants of steel. The edges are also protected by a Dura Guard frame from falls and bumps.

The phone's back grip is easier to hold and is also resistant to nicks and scratches. It is protected by Dura Skin which shields it from direct impacts.

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