UPDATED: No more queueing! Starbucks app now lets you pre-order and pay

Do you usually crave for a cup of Starbucks coffee while heading to work? It isn't unusual; except that you run the risk of reaching office after your boss does if you do stop on the way.

But what if you didn't have to stop? How amazing would that be- reaching work on time and enjoying a Starbucks coffee in the process!

Starbucks is making it happen. If you update your Starbucks app today, you will henceforth be able to pre-order your favourite Starbucks drink or food from the app and even pay through it. Once a nearby Starbucks counter has readied your order, you will receive a notification on when to collect your order. Starbucks says this process will save up to 10-15 minutes of your time.

Before you start jumping on your bed, let me tell you that the new update, called 'Mobile Order & Pay,' is only available on iOS as of now with no confirmation from Starbucks about its launch on Android.

However, if you do own an iPhone, apart from saving precious time, you will also be able to accumulate Stars with My Starbucks Rewards loyalty programme.

Starbucks launched its Mobile Order & Pay concept in US in December last year and has been a rousing success so far. This prompted them to launch the programmes in UK as well. As of now, the programme covers 150 Starbucks stores in London only.

Update: Starbucks' Mobile Order & Pay service rolls out across UK

Starbucks is now rolling out its 'Mobile Order & Pay service to 300 stores across the UK, after a succesful trial at 150 stores in London which began in October.

Along with the nationwide launch, Starbucks also launched an Android app of the service. The service was limited to iPhone users at the time of launch, and the launch of its Android app means many more takers of the service which was first launched in the United States.

"We’re really proud of Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay, the newest, fastest and most innovative way to buy coffee on the go. It has seen high demand and we’re excited to be bringing it to Starbucks customers across the country," said Ian Cranna, Starbucks’ vice-president of marketing and category EMEA.

"We’ve responded to our customers’ on-the-go lifestyles by offering them greater convenience with Mobile Order & Pay providing the ability to customise their drink and food orders, time savings and access to exclusive opportunities to earn Stars with My Starbucks Rewards," he added.

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