Google announces Pixel C, iPad Pro competitor

In a departure from their usual habit of releasing Nexus tablets, Google have gone one step further and distanced themselves from outsourcing the build to other manufacturers and have today announced the first  hybrid tablet under the Pixel C nomenclature. 

Google want to get rid of the need to go back to a laptop especially because accessories aren't that great and don't match upto capabilities of powerful tablets these days. The tablet comes with a 'smart' keyboard which was built alongside it and like some of the other hybrid tablets we have seen in the past few months, allow you to switch between typing and swiping.


Running Android 6.0 and precision engineered, magnets hold the all-metal and premium looking tablet and keyboard in place.

The tablet seems very robust and going by the demo, very sturdy to use and hold. The screen is 10.2 inches and has a 18.8mm pitch which has been achieved by getting rid of about 5 under-used buttons on the keyboard.

The keyboard attaches to the back of the tablet for when you want to use it just as a tablet. It is a Bluetooth-powered keyboard and the tablet inductively charges the keyboard when it is closed. Otherwise, with heavy usage, it will take you about 2 months to get through it.

The screen has a resolution of 308ppi and 500 nits. An Nvidia Quadcore processor powers the hybrid device and it has stereo speakers on both sides. Voice input has gotten more intuitive with 4 microphones on the base and you just need to double tap on the light buttons to check battery status with software updates every 6 weeks.

USB Type C is being standardised across Google'e plethora of products including Nexus phones and Pixel C tablet. This single connector for power, data and display will work across laptops and phones!

Launch date has not been announced yet but we are expecting around Christmas 2015.

Pricing details are: $499 (£400) for 32Gb and $599 (£500) for the 64GB variant. The keyboard is priced at about $149 (£100), so similar to other companion keyboard we have seen with other tablets like the ones from Microsot, Sony and Asus.



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