Android Marshmallow: Top 5 features of Google's new OS

We know how much the curiosity around Android Marshmallow is, so we diecided to bring you the best features and enhancements that Google have brought us over Android Lollipop. 

Now on Tap

This feature intends to make your phone more useful to you by feeding it some artificial intelligence. Now on Tap brings up predictive suggestions for your next activity based on cues like app activity, emails and keywords that you use in messages.

For example, if a friend messages you and asks you to go out for a movie, Now on Tap comes up with suggestions on movies running in theatres around you  as well as their reviews, trailers and listings from popular apps.

You can activate Now on Tap by visiting an app and then long pressing the home button.

App Permissions

While it used to be impossible to download most apps, especially social networking ones, without conceding access to many of your phone's features that were closely related to your privacy, Android M is handing over the initiative to you.

You can now decide when and which phone features an app can access, including your photos, contacts, microphone or your location.

The best part of this is that you won't have to worry about granting or denying these permissions while downloading new apps. Permissions will now be required only at the point of use which means these apps won't hold on to your private data all the time and this will also save a lot of battery life.

App Links

You can now wave goodbye to the 'open with..' option. Android M is letting app developers write a code on apps so that any links originating within an app will open on the same app and you won't have to bother between a choice of apps and browsers to open the link.

For example, if you click on a web link on Twitter, you won't have to view it on Chrome or the phone's default browser since the link will open on Twitter itself.

This will save you a lot of time as well as valuable battery life since you won't have to run too many apps at the same time.

Android Pay

While Android Pay is already up and running in Android Lollipop platforms, Android M will bring in new features like the addition of fingerprint technology and automatically syncing loyalty cards to ensure smoother payments.

The new introduction of fingerprint scanners will make it an inherent feature of Android M and payments through Android Pay won't depend on if your phone has a fingerprint sensor or not.

Enhanced battery life

Android M will bring in a new Standby mode wherein all your idle yet open apps will be shut down to save battery, provided that the apps have remained idle for a certain period of time.

If you happen to doze off with ten apps running in your phone, Android M can shut them down too after a period of time.

The new 'Doze' feature closes down several internal functioning of your phone as well like searching for mails or automatic app updates. Working only when your phone is unplugged, it can shut down all background apps except essential ones like alarms and calendar schedules to save maximum battery life when you're not using your phone.

Android Marshmallow will debut along with brand new Nexus phones later today. Nexus devices are famous for running the purest form of Android without adding any external user interfaces. However, you might have to wait for another month to get hold of one since pre-orders will begin only in the middle of October.

In the meantime, we will let you know if your phone will get Android M depending on how soon manufacturers will make their individual announcements.

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