An iPhone 6s fell in a bucket of water. Guess what happened next!

If you were among thousands of those who queued up for long hours to get their hands around the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, willing to spend your pounds in the hundreds for the best in tech, did you ever wonder what would happen if you accidentally dropped your new Rose Gold iPhone 6s in a bucket of water?

Disaster, you might be thinking. Don't fret, we say.

Well-known blogger Zach Straley tried giving his iPhone 6s and 6s Plus an hour-long underwater treatment, running timers and bringing them up at times to find them gasping for air and to check their lungs. After the test was done, both iPhones looked as fresh and ran as fast as before. 'Fully functional,' says Straley.


During the test, both the Lightning port and headphone jack were left open to measure real-time effects. There weren't any.

While this goes a long way to state that the new iPhones aren’t just splash proof but waterproof as well, Apple hasn't said any such thing as yet. It could be possible that Apple isn't sure how long iPhones can last under water or how deep they can go before yelling for mercy.

Nevertheless, unless you're planning a deep sea dive with your iPhone 6s to shoot those sharks in 4k, we're sure your iPhone would be just fine.

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