Blackphone 2 launch: Zuck can’t see you anymore

Silent Circle today launched the all new Blackphone 2, a smartphone offering the best privacy solutions to consumers through its enterprise privacy platform. It’s probably great news for you if you’re tired of apps constantly trying to access your location, contacts and photos.

Blackphone 2 offers integration with existing MDM systems like Citrix and works with a faster processor, increased memory, and a larger battery and display over the original Blackphone released last year in Mobile World Congress.

The new phone runs PrivatOS as the underlying operating system. It contains Spaces, which Silent Circle calls 'an OS-level virtualization and management solution that enables devices to be used for all aspects of mobile life without compromising choice, privacy or ease-of-use. Geared specifically for the enterprise, it keeps enterprise and personal apps.' IT administrators can now even lock or remove the 'Spaces' to protect the enterprise' privacy.

Among the services, the 'Silent Store' is an app store focussed purely on privacy related apps and will come pre-installed in Blackphone 2.

The Silent Suite in Blackphone 2 enables private and encrypted communication for negotiations and communication. It can be used in PrivatOS, iOS as well as Android operating systems. The suite also enables users to make voice and video calls in HD clarity over encrypted VoIP, send encrypted texts as well as save encrypted contacts.

In terms of specifications, Blackphone 2 contains a 5.5-inch Full HD display, 13MP primary and 5MP front cameras, an octacore Snapdragon processor, a 3,060 mAh battery, 32GB internal storage and a 3GB RAM. You can add up to 128GB of storage through a microSD slot.

Even though Blackphone 2 is now available for purchase in North America, the company is yet to announce the phone's exact availability date in the UK. The phone is currently priced equivalent to £525 and we should expect an official release come October.


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