New Truedialer app lets you control when people can call you

Gone are the days when the only purpose of Truecaller was to help us know who's trying to reach us. The app has gone through a sea change and there are many new reasons why you must own one!

The most promising new update is that the Truedialer app can now turn on the 'Do not Disturb' setting in your phone when you're attending a meeting. It does this by syncing with your diary and preventing incoming calls while your meetings are on. At the same time, the app sends out alerts to the caller, letting them know if you're busy or free.

Similarly, you'll also be able to check (through the app) if someone in your Contacts is free or busy before dialing his/her number. This stop you from annoying people and avoid getting annoyed in return!

“It seems unusual that in a world where we can talk to each other over our phones, map our locations wherever we are with pinpoint accuracy and stream our current activity, that we still haven’t figured out when to let people know when we’re free to talk in real time. This is where Truedialer changes things”, said Alan Mamedi, CEO & co-founder of Truecaller.

The new Truedialer app can identify over two billion numbers and helps you save updated contact information of people you know and work with. However, to be able to control when people can call you and to know when to call others can be quite a revolution in modern communication.

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