Travel much? Maxroam SIM card could be ideal for you

Cubic Telecom recently unveiled Maxroam, an international SIM card with the cheapest voice, text and data roaming packs in the industry.

Maxroam will be available in fixed packs and Cubic Telecom claims you won't be gaping at your bills in horror after returning from international trips. You'll probably be getting the best deals, connectivity and speed if you go for Maxroam, says the company.

“We’re finally starting to see large carriers reduce international roaming charges. However, consumers are still paying way too much for the level of service, while always having the fear of steep overages or ambiguous costs. We’ve been listening to users and now we’re introducing low-cost Maxroam plans to bring more convenience, better pricing and high-speed data for international travellers, without the worry of what their bill will look like when they get home,” says Barry Napier, co-founder and CEO of Cubic Telecom. 

An entry bundle will cost you £21 (€29) for 200 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB internet data. Within Europe, you can use 200MB for €10, 500MB for €20, 1GB for €30 respectively and in the rest of the world, the same data packs will cost you €20, €30 and €45 respectively.

Apart from offering you these packs, Cubic says that the SIM will connect with the strongest local network no matter where you go. Local carriers will also be able to provide better 3G network than SIMs with international roaming on.

Even though Maxroam sounds like a winner for the travelling sort, leading network carriers in UK aren't far behind. Recently, Vodafone added Albania, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Jordan and Mauritius to its list of 4G destinations across the world.

You can now stream and work using Vodafone's 4G speeds when travelling to and living in as many as 63 countries across the world. You can do this by paying £3 extra a day on which you will also be able to enjoy unlimited texts and minutes provided you are a Vodafone Red bundle customer.

Three has also launched a Feet At Home service using which you can browse the internet, call and text home and be able to tweet and chat at no extra roaming cost away from home. Spain and New Zealand were added to the list of Feel At Home countries in January this year.

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