Microsoft Office 2016: Top tips and features

The latest versions of Microsoft's Excel, Outlook and Word programmes are set to enter your devices soon. Released today, Office 2016 is the first upgrade to Microsoft's productivity suite in three years.

The upgrade is available for Windows 7 devices or later, but unlike Windows 10, it won't be for free. However, a subscription to Office 365 should be handy enough to help you glide through the upgrade process.

Before you upgrade, you need to know this. Office 2016 will be based on Continuum, which means you will be able to work on the same doc using your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile apps. What's more, you'll get to use a 'Groups' feature to work with others on projects, a 'Tell Me' tool to search for functions and engage in video calls within Office apps!
All these features will be available in Windows desktop apps.

Within Outlook, the 'Groups' feature will let you engage in group chats and share files among custom groups with rights assigned to each member. Outlook will also contain an advanced search function, a 'clutter' folder to group important emails and a functionality to send Cloud apps without downloading them.

Within Word, a new 'lookup' feature will help you search for meanings of words and phrases on the web or a dictionary. It is no longer restricted to the web version of Office. A 'recently used' document prompt also shows up the latest documents you were last working on.

While some of these updates seem incremental, that is exactly what Microsoft has planned to to. Just like it's future strategy with Windows, Microsoft wants to release small upgrades of Office now and then so that subscribers can buy each pack separately rather than waiting for one  big package every two years. However, you need to buy Microsoft Office 2016 first to get things rolling.

To subscribe to Office 365, you'll need to pay £79.99 for a one-year Office 365 Home subscription. Through this subscription, you'll be able to use it on all devices and five different people will be able to access it and get 1TB worth Cloud storage each. Incremental upgrades will be charged extra.


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