Samsung Galaxy S7: All we know right now

Even though the hype created by Samsung during its Galaxy S6 launch has now fizzed out somewhat, evidently replaced by subsequent smartphone launches, we still remember the phone as probably the best that we saw this year.

We did rate the Galaxy S6 as a star phone, giving it five on five in terms of performance, look and feel, ease of use, features and battery life, but there's a hope that the next Galaxy S7 flagship should include a few things and discard some to be the quintessential flagship phone we all crave for.


Bring back the storage please

The Galaxy S6 was the first Galaxy smartphone to do away with microSD slots and bring in higher internal storage space. While space isn't an issue here, the cost is. Every higher storage variant costs an extra £60 to £70, a much more expensive option than buying a microSD chip.

Even though Samsung' per phone revenue may get impacted, bringing back the microSD slot will endear the upcoming S7 to the masses just like the Galaxy S5. 


More battery please

Samsung's Galaxy S6, despite featuring a Quad HD display and a range of functionalities, carried a paltry 2,550 mAh battery which was too weak for its scope.

Users have generally complained that the Galaxy S6 couldn't last more than 18 hours under regular use, and Samsung would do well to bring in a more powerful battery to answer their woes. Probably a 3,000 mAh battery which features in the S6 Edge+ will suffice.


A little more of Virtual Reality

Samsung's Gear VR is an exceptional piece of technology, taking us to the world of VR at an affordable cost and carrying good looks. With the upcoming Galaxy S7, we expect an advanced VR device which can let us play not only VR games but also view 3D movies through the phone's display.


It's large enough already

While Galaxy models have increasingly grown with time, we wonder if there'll be a limit to it. The Galaxy S6 featured a 5.1-inch display while the recently launched S6 Edge+ has a massive 5.7-inch one. With some Samsung tablets covering the 7-inch range, we hope Samsung is not planning to increase the S7's size anymore than the existing ones.

We shudder to think that in the near future, we might need to carry sling bags to carry our large smartphones.


Here's what Samsung is planning to do

In the meantime, we've learnt that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S7 with a magnesium alloy unibody design. This alloy is said to be much stronger than 6013 series aluminium metal in the Galaxy S6 and is as durable as the new 7000 series aluminium which adorns the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

We suppose Samsung is as keen to avoid another bendgate as Apple was since the iPhone 6 was launched last year.

IB Times also reports that Galaxy S7 will feature a 5.7-inch display similar to that of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. However, it is not clear if the Edge variant will be larger or of the same size as the Galaxy S7. One of these variants will retain the Exynos chip and the other will be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor.


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