Say hello to WoWi-Fi, Ericsson's answer to your indoor not-spots

Ericsson will soon launch WoWi-Fi, to be precise, voice over Wi-Fi to let you make voice calls over the internet directly from your PC or tablet.

This would be the first time that non-cellular devices will be able to make calls. Ericsson says this will be made possible through a partnership with HP’s Aruba Networks.

WoWi-Fi isn't only a different way to make calls through non-SIM platforms; it'll also tackle the menace of poor network coverage inside buildings, basements and in your bedrooms.

To use this technology, you will have to install special software in your PC, tablet or smartphone to start exchanging voice calls over Wi-Fi. This way, you will be able to use both cellular and non-cellular technology for communications via smartphones.

Last week, Vodafone rolled out a nationwide VoWi-Fi service for select customers to make calls in existing not-spots across the country.

At the same time, Three has also launched its new 4G Super-Voice technology to curb the not-spot menace in your bedroom. To this end, Three has rolled out a low frequency 800 MHz spectrum which would allow mobile signals to penetrate buildings, black-spots and rural areas more efficiently.

Three's customers will now be able to use VoLTE technology to make voice calls, use data and send/receive texts in areas which have never witnessed cellular network before.

"4G Super-Voice already covers 50% of the UK population for indoor coverage and more than three quarters of London, Edinburgh, Exeter and Birmingham. This is combined with our 3G network which already offers 98% outdoor UK population coverage," says Three.

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